Thursday, February 16, 2017

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall 2015.

Mon. 07/06/2015.

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall 2015

In what is actually a presentation of her Spring Demi-Couture collection shown during the Fall Couture schedule, Alberta Ferretti presented a collection of such awe inspiring beauty that one was left mouth agape. It was not simply Beautiful on an Incandescent level, it was stupefyingly Gorgeous! Taking inspiration from the offices that she had recently moved into on the Glorious Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, next to her Paris Boutique, she obviously was moved by the Rococo splendour of the location, translating the Watteau like painting and gilded friezes and splendiferous floral work into her first section of gowns, done in a sublime shade of Celadon and counterpointed with a milky White, seemingly more simplified than their counterparts in Green, but actually more lavish for they were smothered in gilt embroidery, they elicited gasps of sheer, orgasmic pleasure on their viewing.

From there we saw a Golden shade of Wheat, and a Dazzling pair of outfits in Cranberry that were truly spectacular, (the strapless number on Karly Loyce was purest perfection!) and then a Smattering of Mallard green and then we were in Ferretti's wonderland wheelhouse of filmy, gauzy, lacy goddess gowns that all transcended ethereal by uncountable degrees. The final grouping was essentially, a throng of de facto Wedding dresses in tight tiers of ruffled White Tulle, the last of which was an exceptional example of the modern bride who need not throw off her Mariée for the reception and needs her gown to do double duty. That's absolutely the pinnacle of getting the most bang for your Couture buck!

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