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Creatures Of The Wind Spring/Summer 2016.

Thurs. 09/10/2015.

Creatures Of The Wind Spring/Summer 2016.

Thinking outside the traditional fashion box is something that is bandied about over many a designer, and just because said designer might be offering something slightly more esoteric than what the fashion crowd is used to, does not make it actually so that they are thinking anywhere near outside the box. When it comes to Creatures Of The Wind designers Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier, the thinking outside the norm assertion is wholeheartedly, the unvarnished truth. Their Spring/Summer 2016 collection provided ample corroborative proof of this, in a collection that was equally idiosyncratic as it was haute and wearable.

Peters posited the query before the show, "When does something that's come and gone, come back into fashion?" Well, Good Damn Question! For Peters and Gabier the answer it would seem for this outing was a forward motion approach that encompassed many different styles and eras that have come and gone and frappĂ© them together into a cohesive unified statement that exemplified all the hallmarks of Peters and Gabier unique fashion perspective. As per usual, the duo took a eclectic view of the fashion they love, through a retrospective prism that time traveled through multiple decades and eras and somehow managed to never feel vintage-y, but did have a kind of cuckoo sensibility which imbued the collection with a vivre which made one smile in delight at the duo's sublime mix mastery.

The best takeaway, surprisingly, was that the most covetable outfits, were the most simplistic utterances. For your consideration, a stunning reefer coat in a Bronze Brocade tapestry print was casually worn atop a pair of killer lean Black Leather trousers and a colour-blocked top in Black, White and Rust Red, all the eccentricity was found in the pattern of the coat, but otherwise, a city chic assemblage for any woman of any style stripe. Or, try on for size, Exit No. 32 on Maria Borges, which had all the earmarks of Uptown, worn with a Downtown flavour, Black Topcoat worn with a sliver of a print skirt and textured White top was channeling ODLR in the best sense of the word.

Gabier and Peters have a rather bighearted and whimsical way with presenting serious fashion, one that keeps the eye of the viewer engaged and at attention, a fine talent to be sure. If the duo keeps presenting brilliant envisioned collections as they have been, they could become part of the new guard of NY Fashion Heavy Hitters. One hopes in the utmost for that to come to pass.

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