Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tomas Maier Spring-Summer 2016.

Tues. 09/08/2015.

Tomas Maier Spring-Summer 2016.

Fresh, Relaxed and Colourful. Tomas Maier's Spring 2016 collection hit all the right notes for the woman looking for easy and cheerful pieces with an innate sense of chic. Bright colours abounded and made for a gay feeling in pieces such as the opening scintillating Coral wrap dress or in a super easy to wear Easter Pink Linen sundress. As balance and counterpoint, there were darker shades and they lent a gravitas that was well needed and grounding from all of the perky shades on view. Most effective, a nonchalant beaded slouchy tank worn with dark cropped jeans had plenty of attitude but never crossed over into rough.

Also of note, the pretty tie-dyed sundress and the Mustard utility jacket and short set both had desire written into their DNA and both outfits would fit in anywhere the sun was shining from Palm Beach to Palm Springs! Maier's own collection is far removed from his elegantly cerebral collections at Bottega Veneta, but they both express the same caliber of profound respect for dressing a woman in a Chic and Classy way. Though, his eponymous labels work may be on the less erudite end of the spectrum, it is not one less bit desirable!

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