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Fri. 09/05/2014.


Misha Nonoo's Woman is Kinda Kooky. One she likes to refer to a "Naughty Square" In the grandest schema of things... It's neither Pertinent or Informative. Nonoo is a Sportswear designer with a little bit of a twist to her pieces. The most obvious point of fact, she's young and still in her exuberant period, and that leads to some duds, of which this collection mainly consisted of. Opening with a Gorgeous, Sleek, Athletic Wide-Leg Halter Jumpsuit set the proceedings off with a Bang. It was Chic, Classic, Streamlined. If only the rest of the collection had followed suit.

Nonoo can't help FUSSING with her pieces... Adding Dribs and Drabs, Here and There... and it's not like the additions are overstated, but they are well enough to make a critical difference to what could have been a perfectly nice outfit from being Tricky and Overworked. The Opening Passage of White outfits was the most Convincing and Deftly accomplished. After this, the show became muddled and inexpensive looking.

The frankly Weird lookingApron/ Pocket like flaps that appeared on some of the dresses were Disconcerting in the extreme and equaled out to a Monumental Mistake. The Painterly prints were wan and non-impactive, if not cute. A Pale Aqua Sleeveless Blouson and Wide leg Pants were fresh enough but didn't raise the pulse significantly, A short little V-Neck Coppery Pink Lame dress also had appeal, and was one of the best offerings in the show.

It all boiled down to a somewhat Weak and Unmemorable effort for Nonoo... It would help things immensely if she upped the Design Quotient on her clothes and gave a little more, Spice to things. Plus cutting out the Fussiness and Unnecessary additions (I.E. Sashes, Flaps, Apron like fabric Swaths attached to dresses...) Plainness coupled with Trickiness is not a Winning formula. Nonoo should by now, Know better!

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