Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monique L'Huillier

Fri. 09/05/2014.

It is certainly an Auspicious Occasion that Monique L'Huillier has made a definite and conscious effort to design more actual Day Wear rather than her brand of Deluxed Up Day pieces. It is not such a grand thing when they are as Leaden and Awkward as these Ungainly pieces presented for her Spring 2015 collection. L'Huillier missed the mark by a Country Mile and a Half with clothes that looked Graceless with their Dreadful Length of Hemlines, OLD! There was nothing Youthful in the Absolute LEAST to be found with these Midi, Bubble shaped lengths that were as much Strange looking as Deadly Unattractive.

One could see a Definite Tracery to the style of Giambattista Valli in this showing and it's never, EVER, a good idea to try and ape another designer who has far more skill than oneself. It is no jab at L'Huillier, whom is an EXTREMELY Talented designer, but, She is No Valli. That is Simple Truth. This made for a collection that did not Cohere until the last flourish of Achingly Gorgeous Evening Pieces. There was much emphasis on Small waists and rounded Hip Bubble skirts that with all their exaggeration were Murdered by the Hideously Wrong lengths. And even when the hems were shorter they still looked Bizarrely Unwearable!

In among this whirlwind of Stunningly Miscalculated Day pieces, were some Stunners. A Black Belted Matelasse Coat with Balenciaga Like volume and cut that was as Uptown as anything seen this season, as well was a shortened Jacket version shown later in the show. A short Sea Glass Green Crystal encrusted Bubble dress at Exit No. 16 was One of the Truly Magnificent pieces in the entire collection and the Pair of Pink Draped Faille Ball Dresses were Instantly Gratifying!

The Cavalcade of Finale gowns were studded with one Superb Masterpiece after another, Star among them A Pastel multicolour Lace Cap sleeve gown with a Sweeping skirt that Melted the Heart and a Pale Violet Gown lavished with Darker Violet Sprigs that was Immensely Captivating! It was a Grateful surprise to see L'Huillier finally decide to move her business into the Daywear arena with a Firm Focus, but this was not the best application of her skill in that area. The Disturbingly Unappealing Shapes and Lengths in her Skirts were a Distraction that was Nigh Impossible to get over. Thankfully all that was wiped away by the dreamy Evening Pieces. Hopefully, Fall 2015 will be a Better outing for Her in the Daywear Section.

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