Monday, October 27, 2014

Nicole Miller.

Fri. 09/05/2014.

It was Business as usual at Nicole Miller for Spring 2015. Nothing Radically new to be found amongst the Signature Body-Con dresses and Skirts, The Sporty Separates that were imbued with a bit of Brazilian Tropicalia inspired by the World Cup... Par for the course really. It's easy to surmise that every Nicole Miller collection is a familiar riff on the house formula with only minor adjustments and tweakings to encompass the seasonal change.

There were lots of Splashy, Tropically hued Floral Prints as well as a Prominent Pineapple print. Ruffles were slung about here and there to no real effect other than to give a little bit of the Saucy to some outfits. Otherwise, Most of everything was Yawn inducing. Too Familiar, Too Similar. Too DULL! Interchangeability with every previous collection one has designed is not a good way to make clothes. There was about as much risk taking here as belly splashing into the Kiddie Pool. 

Miller's clothes will keep a Young and Not-So Young Lady Looking Cheeky and Cheerful this season, but she won't be Setting any hearts aflame with these clothes. Only the most uninitiated neophyte would find anything here to get excited about. 

That's All.


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