Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Alberta Ferretti.

Weds. 02/25/2015.

Alberta Ferretti.

It is truly a Sight to Behold the almost Stoic Grandeur of the Fall 2015 Alberta Ferretti collection! The sense of Romance that pervades her collections from season to season was abundantly found all through this Magical Treatise on a modern idea of Italian Renaissance dressing, with it's Ruffs and Elaborate Decorations and just All-Out Immersion in Unrestrained Luxuriousness! The real magic happens however, when one realizes just how Ferretti practices a sort of Fashion Prestidigitation to translate those, seen in the now, Costumey, ideas into the ever evolving present! Ferretti let loose with a Torrent of Rich, Glowing shades and a Weighty hand with Embellishment that never once felt Ostentatious or Overt! From Coppery Reds and Bronze shades to Midnight Blue and Mossy Greens, plus heaping helpings of Black and White and a Vatican Worthy Hue of Cardinal Red, Ferretti created an Inviting, Seductive palette of shades made to Lure the Customer in!

Some of her best efforts revolved around Scrollwork like Appliques of Degrade shades of Red on Black Velvet, going from Devil Bright to Sanguine Dark, they had an edge to them that their Lavishness did not betray, and thus, kept them Modern and not looking like part of the wardrobe of a Verdi Opera! As the show moved along, the shades became more Autumnal and fell on the Warmer side of the Fall Spectrum, Bittersweet, Rust, Russet, Dusty Violet, Mahogany... Sumptuous and Luscious, one and all! The show sauntered on to it's Blissfully Ethereal end of White, Vestal Virginal Dresses and then finished with a Racy Black moment to show counterpoint to the Innocence of the preceding gowns. In between this, we were presented with opulent prints and a couple of Sheer Black numbers thickly coated in Sparkling Antique Gold Leaves and Flourishes that truly Took one's breath from their throat!

Ferretti pulled out all the stops here and seemed to be designing with her Heart and Emotions and letting them take the reigns, That turned out to be a Winning Formula and produced an Achingly Beautiful collection of clothes that will bring the Romantic side out of any woman that wears them. In this ever Chaotic world that is Fashion, Sometimes taking a moment for Romance is Exactly what a Person Needs!

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