Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stella Jean.

Weds. 02/25/2015.

An Unequivocally Perfect Show! New Milan Fashion voice. Stella Jean, The Rome born Haitian/Italian designer has quickly garnered attention, as much for her devotion to Ethical practices in Production and Fabrication in the industry, as for her training in the ateliers of Italian Alta Moda! Her brief, but highly impactive Fall 2015 collection was Colourful, Exuberant, Joyful and Gorgeous! Jean has a Kaleidoscopic sense of Colour that is Virtuosic in it's breadth, and she showed it here in Glorious Abundance.

Jean's "Calling Cards" are her elaborate prints that she does from season to season. Fall 2015 did not remotely disappoint on that front, from dizzying Optics of Checks and Swirls melding with Animal prints in Black and White and then Piquantly highlighted by Bright and Vibrant figures of Indian folk celebrating Happily, or the Rich and Lush Foulard prints that evoked Desert Palaces, Printed Plaids, and much more! A Riotous Cacophonic Dervish of Extravagance! Throw in some Maharajah worthy embellishments and the mix became further Exotic! Jean so far, relies on a Basic formula, for Fall that was a Big Coat and either a Skirt or Pants and as well a Top and Skirt combo, though rendered newly afresh for Fall with Inflated, Rounded Poufs that were Giddily Feminine!

In this Potpurri of pieces, there were Fuzzy, Cozy Stolid plaids that served as foil to all the sartorial splendour on display, The chicest pieces were actually those that pulled back from the overload of Visual Stimulus. A Bell Skirted Plaid dress in a fuzzy Mohair was adorned with a Snake Charmer and his Snake wrought in oversized scale on the front and not much else, but was cut Brilliantly and Looked chicer for the restraint. That same feeling was doubly felt in a Bulbous skirted Trence in a Makeup Beige shade that Had the eccentricity of Lacroix in it's bones, but the Reserved good taste of YSL as it's primary DNA Strand.

Jean is a designer who brings Optimism and a sense of Good Old Fashioned Joy to her clothes. A sense that one does not have to root around to find like a Pig Snuffling for Truffles. Her Genuine Joyfulness is Ecstatically Infectious and Uplifting. Yes, Jean will at some point in the near future expand her Lexicon of fashion offerings and move beyond the One-Two Step and Repeat Formula that she has adopted thus far... but her label is just starting and in the Blush of it's Youth. One shouldn't be constrained as of yet with telling her what she MUST be, we should all just sit back and relish in what she IS for now. There's plenty of time for what comes Next!

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