Friday, October 30, 2015

Max Mara.

Thurs. 02/26/2015.

The Librarian and The Bombshell! The Nymphette and The Nerd! Max Mara's Fall 2015 offering gave Marilyn Monroe another Trotting out as inspiration, as every so often she comes back into the Fore with her Abundant Physical Charms and Plush Sensuality, the Designers of the MM team clung to her as muse the way the models clung to their Clutch coats to keep them Discreetly closed over Boudoir worthy Slip dresses and 50's Secretary-style Wiggle skirts, equipped with a bit less "Wiggle" than the versions of Olde! The collection was a Smashing and equally Beautiful success and one of the best collections to be had in ages at the house of Max!

The reason for this collections overwhelming success is that the house team did what they do best and didn't fuss around and Futz with things that have no business showing up in a Max Mara Show. This was the Hallmarks of the Brand shown in Covetable and Incomparably Classic ways. That's a Bulletproof Formula and one that the design team has been messing with for far too many seasons! When the stuff is this good, Why Tamper? The Cross-Pollination of Extremes proved a brazen move, but one that bore the fruits of success to the efforts of the designers.

Every exit seemed to play Mousy against Sexy, Severe against Va-Va Voom! It had that Certain Loren/Magnani Sensuality and off-handed Chasteness that those women embodied so vividly. Like a Simple yet Splendid elongated T-Shirt dress in the most Limpid Lurex shot Cashmere at Exit No. 9. There was a Strength evident do in the Defiant and Diffident way the models crossed their arms across their chests and held their bags, Like scorned Fiancees or Het up Wives ready to Clobber their Lotharios over the head with a Rolling pin tucked into that roomy bag slung off their forearm!

There was Absolutely a glut of Magnificent proportion on display here and so much that was just Superb, that to call out individual pieces is not only hard, it's unnecessary, for all shown was a Pitch-Perfect Fashion portrait! A few were perhaps, More special amongst the throng, Like a Quilted Fog Grey Mink Clutch coat that just got the juices of desire flowing like Raging Rapids!

When all was said and done, Monroe's Voluptuous Femininity was Well suited to Max Mara and their Fall output, Confining themselves to Clean, Classic, Silhouettes and Neutral colours snapped back into Sharp Relief what the MM Customer looks for and wants from the house. They would be Well Appointed to not forget this in future collections when the winds of whimsy and capriciousness seem to stake a claim in their Design Studio!

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