Friday, November 13, 2015

Costume National.

Thurs. 02/26/2015.

Ennio Capasa showed one of the strongest Costume National collections the house has seen in a good while, for Fall 2015. Mainly, By eliminating tricks and extraneous and useless design elements, by concentrating on Cut, Absence of Colour and Rigour... Capasa made a collection Seething with Desirable pieces that will fit his customers needs handily! Much was also gained by Capasa Simplifying much of what he showed, the Technical Difficulty of the pieces was evident, but rendered in Unfussy ways, Bereft of Elaboration, the clothes shined like Polished Silver.

There were Flights of Fancy moments, some Crystal Beading and some "Black Swan" Worthy feathers flitting about, but generally, everything was submerged in a Quietude of inherent Strength and Power. When Capasa worked his Mojo just right, like in a Tuxedo coat with Satin revers over a Plunging Black blouse and Sleek Leather pants at Exit No. 7, or in Glossy Black Plonge Leather coat over a Black Turtleneck and skirt a couple exits later... he Hit the Nail Square and True! In saying that, there wasn't really anything in the collection to Chastise. It was pretty much a Perfect showing from Bow to Stern! 

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