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Thurs. 02/26/2015.

There are very few designers who gets Fashion Writers, Bloggers and Cognoscenti, Prosaic Juices flowing quite like Miuccia Prada. She seems to have the power to make even the most Shallow and Vapid of writers get all Cerebral-like. And those that already fancy themselves Deep Fashion Thinkers... Well she just sets them off on Tangents of Herculean proportion! This isn't to say that Quite oft, Ms. Prada's collections aren't submerged in Subliminal Context and Multi-Layered Ideas... But some people search for meaning in the most infinitesimal details.

Although at times the Glut of Subtext and Import suffuses Senora Prada's collections from top to toe, even in these Maelstroms of connotations, One has to really remember... It's Just Fashion. Unfortunately, for Miuccia, that may have been where the downfall lay... For Prada, this collection really did feel like Fashion only! The Ironical and often Bitter, intellectualism coupled with the Dryly Comic element, so essential to the best Prada collections, went missing!

Yes, for Fall 2015 Prada indulged in the Slyly humourous and indulged her penchant for Toxic colour combos, she also Trawled the 60's "Mad Men" era for Cheeky silhouettes and the Faux "Prettiness" of turning those ideas from the 60's on their head and Whackadoodling them into a heretofore unimaginable sphere. All this played itself out in Delicious/Treacly colourations that Attracted, then Repelled and still managed to Seduce. Those colours soon took on a deep feeling of the Queasy as the combinations became more Lurid, but it was welcome in a collection that felt otherwise wanting for some Edge!

But, when all was said, the collection felt, Uninspired. And more importantly, Like Prada was trying too hard! The flip side of this was that Miuccia provided us with some of the best clothes she's produced in a Good, Long while, The 60's Brit Pop band suits, The Truffaut/Vadim era Car Coats, Even a bit of Balenciaga Cocktail dressing was sashayed down the runway, It all added up to a Contextual Mishegoss that while wearable, didn't really feel like there was any blood pumping through the veins. I am not one to look to Prada to Satiate my Intellectual cravings, but it does seem Prada is at her best when she is Challenging not only her audience, but herself as well. This, seemed like Prada was Meandering, Looking for an idea to affix to her clothes instead of materializing the clothes to suit her Cerebral leanings!

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