Monday, November 3, 2014


Sat. 09/06/2014.

I'll Confess up front. I want EVERYTHING Felipe Oliveira Baptista produced for the Menswear section of his Spring/Summer 2015 Lacoste Collection. From the Windbreakers (Especially) that were built into the Tops, Pants, and Sweaters, to the Spectacular Coats and Pants. In fact, Baptista made me want to Wear Purple... And I Patently LOATHE Purple!!! But, somehow he finessed it so that it's all I want to wear now!

This also occasioned to be one of Baptista's Best and Strongest Lacoste collections. There was Careful consideration between Tailored and Casual that lent a very Sporty sense of Luxury to the showing. The Outerwear was of Extraordinary Caliber. Especially those built in Windbreakers... Instantly Lustful! A Breezy White Anorak with Black Piping was an early winner, as was a Taxi Yellow Raincoat that seared itself into one's Memory! The Sportier numbers that looked like Sport Jerseys with the Off-Angle numbers were one of the freshest and strongest looks of the whole season and was a Great Riff on a very popular Street Fashion item.

Even more Wondrous, Baptista's Take on Chambray, Cutting a Enviably Desirable Midi-Length Snap-front Shirt dress and a Outfit consisting of a Chambray Polo and wide leg Pants was a most Innovative variation on the Fabrication. There was even a Men's Suit cut from the fabric that made me Drool! Baptista showed Immense Confidence with this collection and each new Lacoste Presentation is showing him more and more assured with the Codes of the house and ever more ready to Innovate in New and Exciting directions. It's an exciting course he's following and seems certain to produce more winners such as this collection!

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