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Thurs. 02/26/2015.


Whereas Jeremy Scott's first collections for the Milan Fashion Casa, Moschino, were Brash and Outlandish to the point of Distraction, their Boldness and In-Your-Face Directness and Cheekiness were Irresistible and more importantly, Authentically Uplifting. Comic, Yes. A little Daft... Yeah! However, Genuinely Joyous. Even with all the Hair-Brained Hilarity and Puns and Jokes, the reason the collections succeeded (Riffs on McDonald's for his Debut, then a Pink Barbie Dream for last Spring) is that within all that Ridiculousness, There were clothes that women wanted to and DID wear... In Abundance!

So, it would seem, Scott has hit upon a Formula for success. Outrageous = Profits! Smartly, the Over-The-Top aspect hasn't threatened, (at least, NOT YET) to overtake the actual clothing, for within Scott's Cacophonic vision of Modern Moschino, the clothes for Everyday and Everyone have kept the trickery somewhat in Check. Fall 2015 showed a Maturing of sorts, and a Quieting down of the Excessive, by Scott. Hooking onto a theme of Early 90's Hip-Hop and R&B (of the T.L.C. Ilk) replete with side turned Baseball caps, Heavy Metal Bling and a skewing of Athletic wear gone Hood, Scott showed a Tamer, but still Infectiously Merry collection,

Opening with riffs on the Quilted Puffer jacket/coat that were styled to look like Sleeping Bags (Brilliant!) Scott showed an Unerringly deft hand with Eye-Popping Colour, in all sorts of Lurid combinations, from Neon Orange to Electric Blue to Firecracker Red and everything In-Between! There were also Gratuitous plays on "Looney Tunes" and whereas in the past, Franco Moschino and his successor, Rossella Jardini, made fun of Chanel, for it was the most Obvious brand with the most Iconic pieces of Fashion and Logo, Scott has far more territory to explore and Ape. as he did with his version of the Famed Louis Vuitton Canvas bags that have themselves been poached by everyone from Coach to Michael Kors! Scott/Moschino's take was just more Blatant!

From there, things took the path, pretty much, that Scott's Moschino collections so far have traveled, this isn't to say it was Boring, but Predictable would be more accurate. The Denim this season was Patchworked with Gold Leather. There were Faux Furs in everything from Graffiti styles to Camo (In a Deliciously Sickening Hunter Orange and Green!) and a trotting out of variations on the Moschino "Toy" Fragrance Bear, from a Hoodie to a Print, Evening wasn't as Decadent as in previous collections and felt a trifle 80's Prom-like, yet, the White Beaded "Graffiti" Gown was Red Carpet Ready without a Doubt!

Scott has found his sweet spot at Moschino, this collection wasn't his most gratifying effort, but it was still filled to the brim with Wearable, Funny, Fabulous Clothes that women of all ages can wear and the public can get a little Giggle at. Truly, what more could one want?

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