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Sun. 03/08/2015.


Crisp and Soft. Fluid and Tailored. Luxury and Casual. Albert Kriemler's Fall 2015 collection for his Akris label was a fantastic achievement of Exquisite, Minimal design. Fall had a Sportif, Athletic mien to it, from the get go, Rendered in shades of Sweatshirt fleece Grey, Oyster, Butter White, Ivory, Glacier White, Oatmeal, and Black, Kriemler executed his highly Moderne collection to a spectacularly fine degree.

Kriemler's collection focused on Jackets and more sporty fare than usual, such as... Luxed up Hoodies, Quilted Moto pieces, Asymmetric flyaway skirts and some truly Magical coats. Pantsuits were another big statement and when done Three-piece style, as in one Ravishing example the colour of French Vanilla Ice Cream, worn sans blouse, the result was Sensational to such a high degree as to be Befuddling! Another moment of restrained Dazzle, a Speckled Tweed Car coat with a Zippers in the Convertible collar that took it from a Dramatic Shawl to, when unzipped, Oversized notches. Topping a pair of Kriemler's take on Sweat pants and a Ribbed sweater it was the epitome of Athleisure done in the most Luxuriant of ways!

Also worth noting, Krimmler did not rely on one single Photo print in this entire collection, and it benefited Immensely from that, Distilling his message to its most Essential and Purest elements made for a statement of Unfathomable Richness and Modernity! To wit, with clothes this Elegant and Fresh, the lesson to be learnt here was that, as Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe put it... "Less IS More!"

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