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Sun. 03/08/2015.


It becomes ever increasingly easier to see why Riccardo Tisci hangs out with people like the Kardashian-Wests, and the Katy Perry's and all the other celebrities who flock to his Givenchy collections that have more money than taste... He fits in with them because he seems (Much like his other Celebrity Whoring designer, Olivier Rousteing at Balmain) to have a very over inflated sense of Self and of overwrought design aesthetic that attracts people who'd rather be seen than be noticed. And bear in mind, there is an ACUTE difference between the two!

Tisci's clothes can veer either from Overworked, Over-Designed and Flagrantly Busy to Subdued and Chic with shades of Post Modern Bohemianism. Or they can be like the mess of a collection that he sent out for Fall 2015 and be nothing more than pieces of clothes designed to cloak the bodies of Mindless celebs who want to slither down the Red Carpet that is their life and get as many Tweets and Instagram views as possible. The Short version... The collection Sucked! HARD!

From every direction, one was assailed with Visual Over-Stimulation that didn't seem to abate for even a brief second of respite. Even the All-Black outfits that would in other hands, freshen the palate, were Frightfully Tricky and weighted down with unnecessary design elements that left them tortured and grossly taxing! The lesson though that was more prescient to be learned, was that without any real sense of Exuberance or Joy, in the way that someone like Lacroix or Marco Zanini would have done, the clothes felt analytical and dour, And was this ever a Joyless undertaking.

The face jewels and Nose rings and Chola Kiss Curls only made what was firstly problematic, now, Mirthlessly laughable. Garish was the term that came to mind early on, but Juvenile was what came to pass as the collection played along to it's conclusion! Putting the finest point on it all... Up until the last 1/4 of the collection, what Tisci paraded before our eyes was just... to be Blunt... Ugly. There's no way around saying that. It was Ungainly, Awkward, Difficult and Flat Out UGLY! Even if the Extravagantly Beaded gowns on Ajak and Maria Borges were Phenomenal, Two dresses do not a Success Make!

As long as Tisci courts talentless celebrities with about as much shame as a Streaker with a Neon Sign... He will remain someone who gets the Fashion Press, for as we all know, the Fashion press at large (Led by Grande Dame High Priestess Kiss Ass Sycophant Queen Wintour!) are slavishly whoring themselves out to the lowest common celebrity denominator in hopes of getting attention in the reflected glory of the Stars they obsess over... and most of that light that will be reflecting, most likely will be coming off the Sequins and Beads and Crystals and Geegaws that outlandishly encrust the garments that Tisci is pumping out for Givenchy!

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