Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stella McCartney.

Mon. 03/09/2015.

As of recent years, Stella McCartney's collections have been problematic to the point of bordering on foolish. The most pertinent question being asked here is... Who is the woman she is dressing? What woman wears these kind of awkward wares? Granted, there is something interesting going on here, but interesting does not Successful clothes make. McCartney's Fall 2015 collection bordered evenly on both sides of Successful and What-The-Hell? Paisley Collages, Unfinished, Pointy, Drippy asymmetric hems, Doily Lace, Yeti Faux Furs (For Fuck's Sake, if you're going to make fur that Over-The-Top, use the REAL Shit, Ok?!) 

Counterpoint that against the Sleek tailoring in a pair of Wide Lapel coats early on (in Khaki Brown and Ash Grey) were Sterling. Beyond that... McCartney served up another Blundering failure of a collection. Taken apart, some of the elements congealed into something of interest, outside of  that... the mix was a Goddamn Mess! McCartney used to be one to count on for an always Fun-Filled Clothing Adventure, full of Wittily twisted takes on classic clothes and Superb Tailoring. Fall 2015 floundered again like a Salmon out of water, Gasping for life. The less cruel option would have been to cut the Life Support!

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