Wednesday, May 11, 2016

John Galliano.

Sun. 03/08/2015.

Bill Gaytten faces a couple different possibilities... One: Now that John Galliano Himself is back in the game and seemingly still at the height of his powers, enmeshing his aesthetic with that of Martin Margiela at Le Maison, Gaytten will have to redouble his efforts to reclaim what was signature about the Galliano label and present something prescient with those elements... And, Two: Wipe the whole Fucking Slate clean and start over with the base materials of the house, but in a now new and fresh way. 

Gaytten SEEMS to be pushing ahead with the latter option, but in the process, creating unmemorable and more explicitly, Unimaginative clothes that do not suit his skills or in any manner, Honour the name on the door of the house he designs for. Absolutely, now it must be A Thousand times harder to rework the Galliano magic of Yore in the light that the master himself is doing just that exact thing and doing it so well! In that case, Where does that leave Bill? Searching for a new Persona for the house is one thing that it is making happen, the other is Gaytten is exhibiting signs of going through an Identity Crises. His Fall 2015 collection was the perfect representation of such! 

Gaytten stumbled perilously close to making a completely worthless collection, one that looked Bargain Bin and Cheap, and moreover, Junior. One could easily see buying much of what was presented at any local mall hot spot... It had nothing of the Exotic Flavour of Galliano or for that Matter, Gaytten! Not everything was this downmarket, A Purple column gown was noteworthy, as was a Black Matelasse mini-dress with curved Black piping. These were not the only pieces fit for the closets of women who buy Haute Mode, but were certainly the minority.

The identity of Maison Galliano is in a state of flux. Gaytten is not proposing a new vision of the label that honours the illustrious history of the house, Nor is he forging a new path that carves out his own personality. Gaytten will have to try much harder and bring a much more elevated eye to his work to make the Galliano label shine once more... if not, he and the house will fade in the Shadow of it's creator and his bold new work elsewhere.

That's All.


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