Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bally Resort 2016.

Sat. 06/20/2016.

Pablo Coppola is showing ample proof that he has the skill and facility and intuition that is required, to make Bally a more well-known name in the Fashion firmament and in time, a major player. Bally was a label that through the 80's and 90's and into the early aughts was a force to be reckoned with, in terms of it's heritage and legacy, somewhere along the way though, through financial changing of hands and the ever fickle world financial market, the label lost some it's lustre and was seen as stodgy and old-fashioned and not "Current" The rotating head design directorship didn't help matter either. Enter Pablo Coppola. He took over from the team of Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler who had done a pretty awesome job of revitalizing Aquascutum of London and then Herz went on to Amp up the design quotient at DVF, when the duo decided to leave Bally and part ways in 2012.

Coppola has been calmly and steadily, reinventing Bally to not only be known for it's shoes and crave-able handbags, but also it's solid and forward Sportswear. His collection that he whipped up for Resort 2016 was prime material that he's steering the ship in the right direction. easy, classic, recognizably luxe pieces with a contemporaneous slant. There were Fishing Lure foulard printed silks cut into simple slip shifts and pajama pants that had a bit of a wacky element to them, but added a playful sense of freedom to the lineup and juxtaposed against more stolid pieces, like a rigourous Navy Peacoat and slender Jeans, or a startlingly fine tailored Pink Pantsuit, they injected some fun and surprise into the mix.

Most notably, the collection was filled with Sharp, Sleek Leather pieces that women will be coveting from Jump Street, a fringed Black Leather Shirtdress, a Searing Geranium Red Bomber jacket with Rose Pink flares, or the superbly chic and Mod Traffic Cone Orange Zip-jacket and skirt ensemble. Coppola isn't yet, breaking any molds, but he also isn't going the conventional route. He is keeping the Bally collection and look current and out front with the rest of the pack in what's happening now in fashion, and gently threading in his own sense of what that looks like. As he gets more comfortable, we can be assured we will see Coppola showing a more characteristic hand and taking Bally to the Next Plateau.

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