Monday, November 14, 2016

Marni Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/23/2016.

Resident mistress of Kooky and Quirky, Marni's Consuela Castiglioni Resort 2016 collection was an All-Out, Unabashed foray into the hinterlands of said quirkiness and kookiness. It was a little bit of imagination defying, for it went off in many different directions and seemed to hold them all together cohesively, as if bound by some magical incantation. One moment, a Ziggy Stardust Pink and Green Velvet Pantsuit, the next, a minimalist moment in Rust splashed head to toe in a slouchy, utilitarian pantsuit, onto a bewilderingly psychedelic Alphonse Mucha influenced Art-Nouveau floral print dress in Black and Pink and Yellow and deep Brick Red. Zany... Oh, Yes. Eclectic, You Bet! But most honestly, all par for the course Chez Marni!

What struck the most resonant chord was just how pared back all the eclecticism was here, there were surely, eye-jolting colour combinations and wacky, off-the-wall offerings, but all this was realized mostly in solids and blocks of colour, that broken apart, didn't look as difficult to wear as they did all slapdash, crazy quilt style as presented. With that in mind, the collection had a fun viability that made considering the pieces much more of an approachable idea, as would be integrating them into daily wardrobe rotation... Although, if you've long been a passenger on the Marni Crazy Train, this simply is another stop along the journey and functions as more madness to feed your Delirious sensibilities!

That's All.


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