Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fausto Puglisi Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/22/2015.

Poseidon and Captain America. Que? Well, In Fausto Puglisi's mindset there was something of a correlation, for his Resort 2016 collection, he was inspired by a statue of the Greek God, Poseidon, along with his Olympian brethren, immortalized in stone, and encircled in chains, that he passed on his way to his childhood school in Sicily. He worked that idea in with a theme of Shields (Which also was perhaps gleaned from Poseidon) and naturally, for the Pop Culture literate, would segue right to Captain America, of course.

Puglisi has a thing for Pop Culture, and at this current interval, Marvel is one thing that is the Poppiest of the Pop, so it was fitting it would seem, for Puglisi to appropriate one of it's heroic icons for Fashion Cross-Pollination. Throw in Puglisi's undying penchant towards all things Gianni (Versace, that is) and you have a pretty strong collection that provided some growth for the designer and didn't seem to labored down by his signatures that he commonly revisits collection to collection. 

With Zippers and Shields and Chain and more, the ebullience of Puglisi's offering was offset by some pretty Rough & Tumble clothes, sexified to the Nth degree they may have been, but there was an almost warrior-like sense of strength in the pieces. Puglisi is still a little to attached to his Hallmark pieces, but here he refreshed them in a way that was pleasantly agreeable. All one can say about such a development is... More, Please!

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