Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blumarine Resort 2016.

Sat. 06/20/2015.

With an Exceptionally beautiful demonstration of fun, flirtatious, feminine sweetness and coquettish sensuality, Anna Molinari's Resort 2016 presentation for her label Blumarine, was some of the best work seen from the designer in some time. Every piece was sweetly girlish and laced with just the barest twinge of naughtiness that is signature Blumarine, mainly due to the sheerness and thigh-grazing hems. Though all this was achieved with out immodesty or licentiousness, it came off more seductive than vampy, and altogether terrific!

As breezy and romantic as most of the outfits were, there were many pieces that translated outside of the getaway scheme of things, even though they would work in those situations quite equally. A Hyper Turquoise Trench accented with Lace was work-ready and ready for a night in Ibiza, while the Denim Matelot pants worn with an embroidered top was the Chicest answer to Casual Friday one could imagine. Molinari typically has an expert hand when it comes to Lace and Floral prints and her usage of both here surpassed Top-Notch, especially a delicately provocative Black Lace and Chiffon gown.

Molinari showed her forte with a deftness and acuity that was breathtaking, and the clothes mimicked that, her Resort collection was one to marvel at and filled with womanly wonders for many a day to come!

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