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Escada Spring/Summer 2016.

Tues. 09/08/2015.

Escada Spring/Summer 2016.

For the Escada customer, the prospect of a Head-to-Toe Floral print pantsuit isn't at all remotely terrifying or more matter-of-fact. terribly unusual. That Daniel Wingate decided to open his Spring-Summer 2016 Escada look book with this piece demonstrates that the Escada clientele is a little more comfortable with an extrovert wardrobe than most. With that in mind, Wingate's core Escada consumer that is, he also felt it was smarter to try to woo the customer on the other side of the fence, and offer her coolly chic wardrobe options that didn't sing so much in the high C Register and sounded more approachable near Middle C.

Take that print and whip it up into a full-length wrapped evening skirt and throw a Lipstick Red T-Sweater on top and you've got an recipe for success with a woman who might not find herself clad from top to bottom in that same print. There was more to find lovable as well in Wingate's Spring offering... An impeccable pale Aqua Caban was paired with Spotlessly clean White trousers and top while a Basketweave Knit T-Sweater was coupled with a sassy Citron (called Limoncello, by Wingate) A-line skirt looked refreshing and if not exactly, youthful, it struck a young-ish note. Everything else managed this balance as well, a particularly striking outfit consisted of a sheer White top with a matching camisole under and voluminous pale Aqua trousers sashed with Black at the waist. It was a modern, relaxed and fresh take on evening for the Escada woman, one that had a foot in the familiar and one in the immediate present.

Wingate seems pressed to push his customer, maybe prod is the better word, into the present while remaining faithful to the roots that have made the house a success all these years. It's a process that is going to be slow in the going, yet, poco a poco, he's getting there, with some highly stylish results!

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