Thursday, June 29, 2017

M Missoni Spring/Summer 2016.

Tues. 09/08/2015.

You can always come to the house of Missoni for colour, and LOTS of it, The M Missoni collection for Spring 2016 was in no way deviating from that well followed path, and perhaps because of that, the collection wasn't much in the way of surprising or satisfying. There were the expected Missoni Swirls and Whorls and Zig and Zags and kaleidoscopic prints all over the collection, but they, ultimately, didn't add up to much. 

The best pieces in this display did offer colour as per usual, but with a more judicious hand instead of one that had gone mad. These pieces, colourful as they were, were treated with a wisely tempered hand. Taking the Big Top as inspiration seem to embolden the design team to go wild, and that was a costly mistake, for while there was wildness in the expression the clothes themselves leaned more towards, unremarkable. The only thing that gave these outfits punch, more oft than not, were the vibrancy of the colourations and prints. When simpler applications prevailed, we got the better clothes from the bunch.

A pretty Parchment colour gown with multicolour stripes was currying much favour, as was it's shorter counterpart in Black. A swirling multicolour print shirtdress with bold White Placket, oversize buttons and collar was also one of the standout pieces because all it's elements worked in tandem with one another. Otherwise... Punchy, Bold pieces were the Mode du Jour, but in the end, it all was just a little less Big Top and more County Fair! 

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