Friday, June 16, 2017

Protagonist Spring/Summer 2016.

Tues. 09/08/2015.

While one of the creators of the Protagonist label said her farewells before this Spring 2016 season, the design team left behind fulfilled the task of living up to the principles and ethos of the house. Building a collection on Rock Solid luxury basics can be, at times, dangerous waters to wade into, the clothes can often come off as bland and lifeless and reek of what women already have in their overfull wardrobes. When handled properly, however, it can be a revelation of nigh biblical magnitude and can inspire a woman to see the banal as the radiant apotheosis of chic! That's hat has been achieved here.

Sleek is a word well used and often overused, but there was a stripped down, pared back purity and unfussiness that could only be called that. Sleek! Lithe. These clothes were meant for function, not lollygagging around just looking impossibly poised and nonchalant (although they fit that bill also, immaculately) There was motivation and movement in these clothes, despite their sparseness of detail and aesthetic sobriety. This would lead one to think, boring, and that would be foolish, for the clothes excited on a very base and immediate level of chicness. A perfectly proportioned and balanced Black pants ensemble with a long belted wrap coat/jacket, devoid of any extraneous detail, a elongating White jumpsuit shed any of it's retro connotations and seemed as pure as the dawn light.

This collection, from top to bottom, excelled in it's achievement of creating the perfect, modern wardrobe for a woman that has more confidence in herself than in her clothes. No one can hide behind the startlingly reductionist silhouettes provided here, but then again, the Protagonist customer has nothing she is in care of hiding anyway! The Protagonist woman is a woman who speaks for herself, her clothes are simply an amplifier for that voice!

That's All.


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