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Weds. 09/24/2014.


FIERCE! What else can one say? This, is finally the collection where the REAL Alexander Wang showed up and merged His Saucy, Tough edge with the Grandeur of what the name of Balenciaga has become due in big part to the looming spirit of Nicholas Ghesquiere. Wang isn't going to escape that Phantom anytime too soon without alienating the Balenciaga Loyalists... but it was taking him a bit too long in the coming to come to grips with the fact that he didn't need to design as if he was continuing the work of Nicholas and could inject himself firmly into the Mix!

He accomplished that most Fabulously with this Energetic, Athletic, Lean, Sporty and Glamourous Spring '15 collection. This was a Hard Edge glamour, however. Wang is Known for his Sporty, Trendy, Of-The-Minute sense of Modern luxe. It's a Streetwise, Sexy and Unapologetically Upfront kind of fashion, throwing that sense of Urban chic into the Balenciaga blender yielded a collection that elevated Wang's own signatures while taming back some of the inherent preciousness that comes with the Balenciaga name.

Pretty much from beginning to end, there was much to Marvel at and Coo over... Be it a Incredulously Smart Trench in Black athletic Mesh over a Sheer dress with Bandeau and Boy shorts underneath, or a Fearless Cropped White Trench Jacket with a sheer "Net" Skirt that shimmied with tiny little Diamond shaped embroideries! Maybe one was more taken by the Lilac Sequined "Polo" with the Diamond perforated skirt that was then outlined with those same sequins around the perforations that was the most Modern and Perfect Synthesis of Sport Luxe. The White dress with the Sheer sleeves on Lexi Boling at Exit No. 4 was also Killing it in SO Many ways!

By the time it was all done, One was quite Slack in the Jaw over what had been traipsing down the Runway. Wang showed us an Impeccable way for the Women of Now, Active, Smart, Chic Women, who lead Busy, Fast, Breakneck lives, that you don't have to forgo Glamour to Comfort and look like you are Boring and Safe. This was not a Safe Collection... It was Dangerous! In the best of Ways! Thank God!


That's All.

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