Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nina Ricci.

Thurs. 09/25/2014.

Nina Ricci.

As Fare The Well's Go, This one was Damn Near Perfect. At the time of this collection the question was Semi Up-in-the-Air if Peter Copping was going to the Maison Oscar Built. Subsequently, we found out he indeed, WAS Moving on up to the Upper East Side. But the celebrations had to be clipped short, as Oscar's intention was to Familiarize Copping with the Language of ODLR... He sadly never got that chance as in early October 2014, De La Renta went to that Glorious Atelier in the Sky. So, Copping was left adrift in a number of ways... did the Bigwigs at ODLR Still want or think Copping Adequate for the job? If not and he had already pulled up Stakes at Nina Ricci, Would they take him back? Would he find another house to Design for, it must have made for some trembling moments!

But all worked out for the best and as it is, this collection was not the Portrait of a Tragedy, it was a Soignee and Bittersweet Au Revoir! Copping hit all the high points that encapsulated his tenure at the storied house and left behind in the short 5 years he was at the Maison a body of work that the inheritor of his vacated position will be Hard-Pressed to supersede.

Copping has always at the house, had an effortless and fluid hand that seemed to just blow together the Saucy and the Salacious coupled with Sensual. Here, that was as evident as ever and there was maybe, a somewhat more stricter hand at play. Perhaps. showing at this time, that it was as much a strong point of his skills as any other, to his future employers and allaying some fears. His tailoring surely was of an outstanding ilk this season with Wiggle worthy Pencil skirted suits and Inventively constructed Jackets. Copping's colour sense was also a thing of beauty, from Milk Chocolate and Crocus Yellow paired together to the Cornea Exploding combo of Searing Chili Pepper Red and Aqua.

At times, as has been his Achilles Heel, Copping let some of the outfits exuberance lead the way and did not tame some of the more overdone pieces, They were few and far between, but did sometimes rear their head in the most unflattering of ways, Yet, when he was hitting his stride, Copping was Streaking ahead! A Sleek Heat Seeking Hot Red sheath on Malaika Firth was as simple as a T-Shirt and as Far removed from such a utilitarian item that it is, as it could ever dream of being, A YSL Rive Gauche Moment of Zen was sent striding forth on Daria Strokus in an Unflappably Chic Blueberry Chiffon blouse and Black trouser combo that was perhaps the most Accomplished moment of the show!

Copping will certainly work Magic at ODLR (And at the time of this writing it has been proven that he did!) and he will leave a Great Legacy at Nina Ricci. This collection cements that fact and Proves that The house that Oscar Built will be in Quite Capable hands, Indeed.

That's All.


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