Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rick Owens.

Thurs. 09/25/2014.

Rick Owens.

One could see, without much effort put forth, that Rick Owens for his Spring 2015 collection was marrying Ideas of Ephemerality and Content. Of Lightness and Weight. Of the Delicate and the Brutal. It's not exactly the Newest territory that Owens  has explored, but it was certainly one of his most demonstrative. And alas, One of his most Disjointed. Early on, it was obvious that the Complexity of Owens' execution was getting in the way of something that could have been greatly interesting. Even as Complexity is Stock and Trade for Owens, here it felt Forced and Inorganic. Even his esoteric jumping off point of Marlene Dietrich singing and Old Standard, "Bangles, Baubles and Beads" seemed to confuse the collection even more.

Now, Owens' Clothing in the first place is not the easiest matter to wrap one's brain around, they are unremittingly difficult. Giving no Quarter. You either get them and they move you emotionally, or you're left ostensibly dumbfounded. There is a rather Warrioress-like Poetry to his clothes, The duality that combines Tough and Tender, and when he works that vibe right, it's rather transporting. Here, It simply felt like there was an Artless, Awkward Inelegance insinuating itself in the work. Something that Owens was unable to rid himself of until the very end.

As always, to go into prolix detail about Owens' clothes is the most Foolish of Escapades. As before, you either Get It. Or you Don't! No Middle Ground. When it doesn't work, Analyzing it to death does not breed deeper comprehension. To be blunt, it actually Creates a greater misunderstanding. Suffice it to say, within the confusion, Devotees (Myself included) Will find the pieces that Resonate. It may be a more Arduous search than usual, but as with all Rick Owens Collections, They are well worth the effort of the Endeavour!

That's All.


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