Thursday, December 10, 2015

Emporio Armani.

Fri. 02/27/2015.

You reach a certain point at times, where you simply have to give up on things and stop wishing they would change and improve. To just, let them be what they are and will be and give up any expectations of advancement and let them go. Emporio Armani is just such an instance! First off, You have to give Giorgio Armani his Props! The man is an Icon and still can, when you least expect it, or more truthfully, expect NOTHING, whip up something Fabulous and Surprising. That, sadly, happened not in the Fall 2015 Emporio collection.

As per the usual, It was a Celebration of the Familiar. Themes and Shapes and styles we've seen far too often, trotted out over and over again, in a numbing similarity to what has gone before. Armani is stuck in a Horrific loop of plundering his own archives and regurgitating them up again with ever so slight tweaks to make them more than blatant Carbon Copies. This collection had the Double indignity of being Ugly as All Out Hell yoked upon it to boot. The Colours were Sad and Drab and Dreary or just downright Garish. The Silhouettes, Odd, bordering on Bizarre. It had NOTHING going for it. 

There of course, were pieces that will appeal and that ARE Appealing, but the constituent whole, was a Shoddy, Shambolic Mess. One that would have been better suited to being aborted before it's inception! 

That's All.


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