Thursday, April 28, 2016


Sun. 03/08/2015.


Needle. Stuck In Groove. That would be how to describe Claire Waight Keller's Fall 2015 opus for the venerable house of Chloe. We've been treated to this Hippy, Droopy, Grungy, Granola Crunchy, Macrobiotic, Gluten-Free, Coachella/Music Festival gal for quite many a season now, and it has grown uninspiring and rote as all out Hell at this point. It's nothing New, nor Fresh or even remotely unexpected... You got your Stevie Nicks Witchy Woman cum Granny Grunge Dresses... Check. Your Corduroy Seperates... Check! Your Denim, your Patchwork, your Liberty Prints, Chiffon, Ruching, Draping, Streamers, Ponchos, Lacy Lingere styling, Saville Row pantsuits... Check, Check, Check, Checkmate!

The newly slenderized cut of the floor sweeping coats was a shot of adrenaline the collection needed, that went wasted on all the stale rehashing of typical Chloe fare on display. A little White dress early on, modeled by Juliana Schurig was Outstanding, but still nothing atypical for the house. This was a Boring and deeply lackluster affair, one that had little to keep the eye entertained or the brain stimulated. In a succinct summing up... A Snooze Fest.

And that's me being kind!

That's All.


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