Thursday, October 27, 2016

Marchesa Notte Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/19/2015.

Like it's big sister label, Marchesa, Marchesa Notte was inspired by Morocco for it's Resort 2016 collection, and while it did not reach the same Fantastical lofty heights of it's sibling label, it still had the polish of it's counterpart. It certainly veered a little younger and being that nothing really spikes past the $1,500 price tag (and that the Mothership label offerings can skyrocket past that for just a pair of pants and the gowns are of the more usual ilk of being sextuple the price of these pieces) it still offers a sense of elegant lavishness that will not have you selling all your earthly possessions to afford a piece. 

And with that in mind, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig certainly do give you Maximum bang for your buck. In the lower price scheme of things, many of the pieces here could slip seamlessly into the parent label and not many on the outside looking in would be the wiser. That just shows how Legion the talents and skills of Chapman and Craig are, that they can produce lower priced pieces that sacrifice none of the rarefied air of the more costly label. Take for example, the strapless White gown with a Hole-Punched Broderie Anglaise-style overlay in Golden Taupe... It was as dazzling and richesse as anything the duo did in their main line. Or the partake of the Blush Pink lace gown with a sheer overlay that was festooned with trellised floral embroideries, a sensation to be sure! 

Chapman and Craig know what makes a eye-catching and breathtaking piece of evening finery, that they can whip those concoctions up in both the Stratospheric of price labels and in the more humbly priced, with equal precision and expertise and with the same amount of impact, is a testament to two brains that are working at full tilt! Women across the world are simply the beneficiaries of such Brilliance!

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