Thursday, December 15, 2016

KaufmanFranco Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/23/2015.

KaufmanFranco Resort 2016.

Pristine and Streamlined. That was the takeaway from the Superb collection presented by Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco for their 2016 Resort collection for their label KaufmanFranco. Executed entirely in modernistic Black and White, the collection was a treatise on Techno/Luxe sportiness with a Glamourous hand. Everywhere the eye happened to fall, there was something Fierce and Powerful in the clothing to witness. This woman that Kaufman and Franco are dressing is no wallflower nor is she a delicate ingenue. This is a Strong, Take No Shit Woman that knows how to look equally Ball-Busting as she does Opulently dazzling!

Kaufman and Franco's collection showed an attention to the past work of Donna Karan in the 90's that made her clothes so elegantly infused with Strength and Fortitude that one might have thought they should have been installed at DKNY rather than the Public School boys, But that's moot at the moment anyhow. Here the interplay between Tough and Chic was always evident and definitively inspiring. A Chic Leather blazer with a Leather Bandeau and wide trousers all evinced in Black was Sexy without being slutty, A Black trimmed White shift dress gave the illusion of two pieces, a crop top and skirt, while being entirely composed as one piece, seemed to fully enmesh Modern and Classic in one sleek and stylish breath!

While the collection was inherently Graphic and Bold, Minimalist even, it was the evening gowns that fully defined this aesthetic. One gown seemed to propose a Slim, White bandeau paired with a Iper High-waisted black column skirt, but once one looked closely, was comprised of sheer Sheer Illusion that gave the look of two pieces, (yet again, Brilliantly so) when in reality it was a one-piece gown. Another stunner was a Black Leather bra top affixed to a Backless Fishtail column gown in Virgin optic white that splayed into a decadent train in back and had very little hint of anything virginal about it!

To boil it down to it's essence,.. It was a Masterpiece of a collection! One that conjoined the twin hemispheres of the Present and the Future in one Chic and Sexy package. Kaufman and Franco outdid themselves with this one! They should be very Proud.

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