Monday, November 25, 2013

Adam Lippes.

Mon. 09/09/2013.

Adam Lippes.

Being the fan of Adam Lippes from Way, WAY Back, as I have been it was a true heartbreak to see him fall victim to the Investor Hijinx that plague so many a Designer... (Where are you Bryan Bradley and Tuleh...??? :-( ) and when his Label ADAM Adam Lippes was shuttered  I thought the fashion world had lost another Brilliant Luminary in it's heavens... NOT SO, Said Adam Lippes!

Coming back on his own terms and doing it from scratch, this POWERHOUSE Designer is back and Creatively, Better than anyone could have Possibly believed! He did in 20 pieces what many designers cannot achieve in twice or triple the outfits. His Collection Was Spare, Clean, Modern, Minimal In the most Luxurious Way and in a word... Perfect.

From the Beginning, It was a slice of Heavenly Ease and Clean Glamour. Exit No. 2 was Beyond Descriptors in it's Pure Perfection. The Cut was this side of Magical and fit like it simply flew in on a Breeze and slipped over the body of the model. It was a T-Shirt dress that was so much more than the simple term "T-Shirt Dress" That it bordered on Ludicrous! Then we were given Leopard in Exit No. 2 in the most Exquisite Topcoat... GENIUS!

There was so much here that was the Epitome of Modern Sophistication and Urban Sporty Chic that it was almost Shamefully Exquisite! The best pieces were Dripping with Quiet Elegance... Exit No. 6 was Possibly one of the best outfits I have seen this entire season... Giving a hint of Cheongsam Exoticism... the Sleek Dress in the most featherweight knit with a matching longer Cardigan was not only Original and Directional But, Timeless Also! The Next Exit Out (No. 7) was The Perfect Juxtaposition of Classic Shape with Of-The-Minute Fabrication in Creamy white Snake. Again... the T-Shirt dress never had it so good! That Snake Showed up more in the collection and would be in one of the best Outfits later in the collection!

But, First... one of the most Daring Outfits of the season in a Sleeveless dress at Exit No. 11 in a handpainted Lion Tattoo Print was SPECTACULAR and Impossibly Editorial! Exit No. 15 seemed to Coo with Sophisticated Ease... A Perfect Navy Crepe Duster Coat with another Snake Tee Dress to match! It was all soooooo..... EFFORTLESS! I cannot put into words how Powerful this collection Resonated with me and how it will with the customer Lippes is Cultivating!

I couldn't love this collection any more if i tried, Chillrens... It was a Damn Triumph! Easy, Chic, Sophisticated, Elegant, Daring, Modern, BRILLIANT! I Have ALWAYS been a Fan of Mr. Lippes... But Now I am one of the Devout Worshippers... with clothes like this he should take it to the Runway Next Season!

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