Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two Short Reviews. Ohne Titel And Pamella Roland.

Mon. 09/09/2013.

Ohne Titel.

I have always had a Soft Spot for Flora Gill and Alexa Adams, the designers behind the label Ohne Titel. Love their Architectural Style and Strict Discipline in the Womanly Yet Strong clothes they make... this season that vision was Muddled and Obscured by an Overly Sportif Mentality and a most decidedly overwhelming reliance on tricky Graphic and Optic effects that did nothing in the way of serving the clothes.

This collection was overflowing with touchstones so far of the season whilst also seeming like a play on the same Kinetic Art feeling that shone so brightly in the Carolina Herrera show seemed muddied and confused with so many other ideas... Urban Sport... Patchworking... Sheer Insets... Colour Blocking... White-on-White... So many ideas Jam-Packed into one slender collection with no one line or thread running through them all to connect them to a Cohesive Whole.

The collection was not inspiring nor flattering... Body Conscious it was but it was so busy with print and colour and optical printing that it all got lost in the shuffle! A very Pretty dress in Royal Blue, Black and White At Exit No. 9 was Quite Lovely but it was far betwixt and betwain to find another such outfit. One last mention... the Styling of the Makeup and Hair was AWFUL! Just Scandalously Terrible. Alexa, Flora... NO! Just Never Do that again!

In the End Chillrens... the Ladies of Ohne Titel would do themselves a great favour by not trying to pack so many ideas into one collection and focus their efforts on a few good ideas and do those well. This was not them at their best... and their best can be Pretty Damn Amazing!

Pamella Roland.

Pamella Roland offered a Pretty and Glam Collection that was highlighted by Feminine Colour and Elegant styling... but somehow, as much as I adore this collection... But it felt A little... Catalogue. It had High Fashion Quality, but it didn't feel... Fresh! It felt like in a sense... Oscar De La Renta Lite. Very Lite! Where Oscar always manages to find the Modern in his Classicism... Pamella's collection felt Derivative and Throwback.

The Floral Pink Fils-Coupe Dresses were very Attractive as was a Black and White Faille Gown a Big Winner... but on the whole this all felt a bit too much as Been There-Done That.

Perhaps for Fall Ms. DeVos will show a stronger push towards a Modern Vision, because Chillrens... this wasn't the best representation of the Pamella Roland Style.

That's All.


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