Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thom Browne.

Mon. 09/09/2013.

Thom Browne.

How do you Classify a Collection of this Order? How do you Explain Something such as this in words that can be Quantified within the Language of Humans...??? Vivienne Westwood meets Lee Alexander McQueen In John Galliano's Loony Toons Old Aunt Mathilda's Attic??? It was a Mash-Up of The most Epic Envisioning that wasn't even TRYING to be A MASH-UP! It was Disturbing... I am sure it was Equally Sexist AND Misogynistic... It Was... FAB!

Thom Browne Does things His Way... Taste, Style, LOGIC Be Damned! His Brilliantly Kooky Vision of Fashion is not only Bold, It is Otherworldly. He has the Fashion DNA of Provocateurs Past like Westwood and McQueen and Galliano and Gaultier Deeply Ingrained in his Modus Operandi, He also has all of their Skill and Technical Facility to Accomplish these Masterstrokes of Surrealism and Provocation!

Trying to Pick out Outfits and Individual Pieces to shine some light onto this Elaborate Mystery of a collection is Useless in the Highest Regard! One simply should Experience it and make one's own Judgement then. To go into some detail describing it... It was MAD! And Mad meaning "ASYLUM" Mad... women Draped in their own Unique, almost Dystopic vision of Sartorial Lunacy! Sure as the Sky is Blue that they look like Queens of Couture and not like A Doyenne of The Insane! But strip away the Manic Makeup and Bi-Polar hair and the Individual Pieces Are Actually Gloriously Ornate and Operatic but Wearable! But wearable only by the most Confident and Fierce of The Fashion Flock! These outfits could EASILY Wear their wearer, Do not get that point wrong... these clothes demand the wearer to tame them like wild beasts or easily be eaten alive by the FASH-ION Of it all!

There was something of the Perverse about this collection, one that Browne said was based, with faux simplicity, on "Elizabethean Clowns" One could see the Elizabethean Properties of the collection in the Stiff proportions and sometimes elaborate Ruff like necklines which also paid some homage to the Pierrot and the Elizabeth I Era Jesters or "Clowns" But taken to the Nth degree of that idea.

More Perversity sprang from his usage of Latex, which in his hands upon first inspection looked to be a Satin Organza or Satin Chiffon but closer up... Yup... It's Prophylactic Material. But that he could take that material and visually morph it into something Regal looking is a testament to his Haughty Sense of Fashion! There was a True sense of Awe and Wonder at the Outrageous combinations and Brilliant Suffusions of Fabric... some even upon Up-To-The-Eye Viewing Were still bewildering...  The Stiff And Angular Twisting Constructions of some of the garments also Blew One's Mind!

At first blush... there was something distinctly Sinister, Almost A Certain Clive Barker "Hellbound Heart" feeling to the look and mood... However, as one begins to absorb the Beauty of the Madness of these Hysterical Visions, The Madness remained, but the sinister aspect began to fade and something more Beautiful emerged... the clothes are Abominably Difficult to wear, No one would counterpoint that opinion... but they also propose that if any lady screws up the courage to be daring enough to wear these outfits and wear them in a way that would fit in with the accords of her life, she just might stand out in a sea of fashion blandness in a way that is Poetic, Eclectic and Downright Majestic!

Who among the fashion flock will fail to be moved emotionally by this collection, in either positive or negative directions...????  It Incites and Excites... It's begging for discourse... But also it simply charms in it's Abandon and Mania! Whatever shores of the fashion landscape you find yourself rowing your boat upon in reaction to this collection Chillrens... One can be assured, you won't at all forget the Voyage!

That's All.


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