Saturday, October 12, 2013

Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF)

Sun. 09/08/2013.

DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg).


Could there be any more relaxing a word? More Evocative of Dreamy, Cool, Desirable??? I should hardly think there is. However at Masion  DVF It was more like there was a Midnight @ The Oasis House Party! This collection not only Charmed because it was Literally the most Easy and Effortless show this season, but also because Diane knows how to do Diversity RIGHT! Her Mix of Models was the Picture Perfect Epitome of Diverse. One had Not only Caramel Beauties like Joan Smalls, Malaika Firth and Jourdan Dunn, But Chocolate Goddesses Like Maria Borges, Nykhor Paul and Jeneil Williams... with Everything in between from Anais Mali to The One, The Only, THE Naomi Campbell! And then... you had the Asian Invasion of Gorgeous models Also well represented! By the way, it was so perfect to see the Girls of Colour actually Equal and perhaps Outnumber the beauties of the East for a change (Yes Karl... That is Directed At YOU!) I mean let's face It... Girls of the Caucasian Variety are As Abundant as Apples in An Orchard! They are as Equally Beautiful, this isn't any shade at all on the models without Melanin but it's truly a Happy occasion to see a Healthy dose of Darker skin in a show. I am not going to lie or make any apologies for that!

Now. Saying that. As happy an occasion it is, it would have been lost had the collection SUCKED! And It so Assuredly DID NOT SUCK! It was a Winner from the Moment "Blurred Lines" started up and didn't let up until that OH SO Recognizable Undulating Gait that Announces that MS. CAMPBELL HAS ARRIVED Slinked down the runway to Thunderous Applause! There were too many, Too, TOO Many outfits in this collection worthy of praise... The general Underlying themes were as firm and solid as the individual pieces... a Reliance on the signature DVF Wrap Dress now given a bit of Full Flare in the skirt was well played, The Always fun use of Graphic Patterns and prints that were more so graphic this season in Spectator form! Not to mention a Definite African Vibe in Tribal, Animal, Snakeskin and Wood Prints that also culminated in A Dazzling Lion Print on a Shift dress on Holly Rose Emery (Exit No. 28) and A Long evening skirt on Jourdan Dunn worn with a little spare draped top (Exit No. 30) a print so good that Diane herself wore Exit No. 28 in her walk down the runway at the end of the show!

Other Major Highlights... Oh My, Well... Kati Nescher In the best All-White outfit of the season I think in Exit No. 4... A Safari Tunic with full pants in crisp White Cotton was the Zenith of UBER-Cool Chic! Exit No. 6 on Karlie Kloss in her version of the same outfit only done in Engineered Zebra Print and without the Saharienne touches. Ming Xi at Exit No. 9 in a SCALDING Chili Pepper red Jumper that had YSL Louche Luxe ingrained into it's DNA (Remember, back in her socialite Days she was VERY Good friends with Yves and wore MANY of his clothes, so she can be All About Yves ANYTIME SHE WANTS and has the real deal knowledge to back it up!)

More you Say.... Coming Up.... Maria Borges (does ANYONE in Modelling have More STUNNINGLY PERFECT Legs than this Exquisite Amazon????) In the Deepest, Most Liquid Turquoise Jersey at Exit No. 24 that just Perfectly Juxtaposed against her Warm Chocolate Colouring!  Exit No. 32 on THE JOAN SMALLS of the most Saucy Little gold Hot Pants and Breezy Blouse EVER! And Again, the Exquisite Kati Nescher Giving Gold Lame Leather Saharienne Shirtdress GLAM-MORE At Exit No. 34.

And Yes, Naomi Killed it at the end. Did you have any Doubt?

It was the Feel Good Show of the Season. Of that I am CERTAIN! It was Packed with Amazing Clothes to wear in real life, not fantasy, but could easily translate into anyone's Fantasy Ideal as well! The Beguiling Dichotomy of that is the thing that Ms. Diane seems to do without as much as blinking. She is from the Old School... she knows what REAL Fashion Is. She Lived It. Hell, She might have damn well Created it herself Back in the day. So not one person alive in the industry is more adept at schooling the world NOW on what Fashion IS! Her Pedigree is the Most Rarefied. Her Skills, The Most Deep. Her Knowledge... Incalculable!

Chillrens... This IS Fashion ROYALTY! Her Crown Has Never even known what Tarnish is, And they way she keeps hitting her stride better and faster than before... It Never, Ever Shall!

DVF.... She IS What Grace Is, Bitches! Eat It and Love every Second of it!

That's All.


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