Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger.

Mon. 09/09/2013.

Tommy Hilfiger.

For Spring 2014 Tommy Hilfiger Gave us a Delightful and Delicious Romp through the Golden Era of The Golden Coast... California in it's Free Spirited 70's Days... days that we only can glimpse now in Movies and TV shows from that Era. And how the women of that era were Dreamy Bombshells that Men wanted to be with and Women simply wanted to BE! There was a Freedom and A Unabashed Sexuality that pervaded this collection and made it at once Carefree but also Chic! Not an easy Juxtaposition to get right, though Hilfiger's hand has become Increasingly Rock Steady in the passing years since he rebooted his High End label and Stopped trying to be LVMH. One gets the sense that the dream that he once aspired to is now what he is trying his hardest to achieve... to be his Generations Ralph Lauren.

Yes, Those are MIGHTY Big shoes to fill, Culturally so. Ralph and Tommy are yes, Utterly Ubiquitous in every corner of the retail landscape... from High end to Low. Their logos are as Ingrained as Interlocking C's or G's Or LV's.... and they both have more money than about 400 people would know what to do with! To say, Financially or Culturally whom the biggest success is would be a Coin Toss, Honestly. However, in the fashion state of things... Tommy is Younger and has a Younger Aesthetic and Vibe than Ralph and No matter how much Lauren wants to Get his hands a little dirty and grungy... it always comes out with that pristine veneer of the High Class and that's what makes him so Desirable. Tommy is looking to get that quotient that has RL Dreams but not RL Money! And also that means knocking some of the Seriousness out of the Equation. This collection is perhaps the best example so far of Hilfiger doing that and staking his claim as a Fashion Icon on the same level as Lauren.

The collection couldn't have been Cooler with a Capital COOL! Not the Post Modern Helmut Lang Cool that is so Ubiquitous now... No... the Listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours' on an 8-Track  In the back of a van with a Unicorn rearing up on it's hind legs next to a Bitching Full Moon and Blue Mist all around it painted on the side with the back doors open maybe smoking a Really good Joint Kinda Cool! It was As Modern And Athletic as that era was when women and girls were really beginning to be aware of how to make their bodies the best, and how the California Girls rebelled against the Club going Maneaters that were the New York Studio 54/Danceteria Women of that era!

But Hilfiger is A Business man and a Business man that once had the Oracle of Delphi That is Karl Lagerfeld at one time chattering in his ear! And Fantasy, does NOT a Business or a Collection make. So, Tommy is Full On Aware of giving his fantasies root in the Here-And-Now so while the Opening panel dresses may have given an air of Surfer Girl... it was cut out of Ultra New Neoprene-Bonded Leather, just so that Girl in NY Or Beverly Hills or Chicago is looking at it with Lust in her eyes and not trying to decipher the codes of the 70's!

Hifiger's Invention with those Opening looks in leather were as Finely Cut and Expertly Judged as anything this season and His colour sense simply bordered on the Magical! It was Downright, MASTERFUL! Upbeat, Quirky, Silly even... But Decadent and Lustful. These are the Colours that are Editorial and that when shopped around the U.S. That women will be immediately attracted to! All those Zippers made the collection Uber-Sportif alluding to Scuba and Surfing and Dirtbiking and Motocross And Pushed the Cool Meter again into the Red! Hilfiger even Took to that Ultimate Symbol of Easy, Beachy Cool that all who Worship Cool Covet.... The Hawaiian Shirt! With Splashy Hawaiian Floral prints and embroideries as his closing Salvo, he Put a Stamp Firmly down on the California Dreamin' feel and Gave his Customer something to Dream about... Dream about wanting to incorporate these clothes into her wardrobe Come Next Spring.

This was Easily a Collection that will make Hilfiger Much Money and Get the clothes photographed in all the Monthly Glossies... But more so than that, It spoke, Loudly mind you, That Tommy Hilfiger has a very Clear and Specific Fashion VOICE and after years of Swathing hip hoppers and the chasing The Big Man On Campus Ralph Lauren's Perfectly Pressed Coattails he has now settled into his own Aspirational Chic Signature and It Looks like nothing will be stopping him from being his own Iconic Brand.

With Clothes like this and perhaps even better coming down the pike, Chillrens... There is No Worries that he will achieve what he is Striving for!

That's All.


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