Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yigal Azrouel.

Sun. 09/08/2013.

Yigal Azrouel.

I think I see where Yigal Azrouel was Trying to go. He didn't really get there and he did. Interesting to say, but visually, not as much. It, Underwhelmed. It was so Stark and Clinical and Antiseptic and Dry... There was NO Pulse to these Clothes. NO Frisson of Sexiness... and when the idea of Sex was injected into the collection, it came off as Awkward and Garish. The Plainness of much of the collection was contrasted against some half-hearted and nowhere near as expertly executed venture into the territory of Cushnie Et Ochs. The Cutouts and Body Conscious Looks are not the playing field of ONLY Carly and Michelle but it is the Furrow they have plowed with nothing but success and it is a Signature and one nowadays has to be weary that if you go that route the comparisons will come Fast and Thick!

The possible worst offense of the clothes...  they were Drab and Cut with no hint of enhancing the body! They just Hung like some terribly oversized matronly smock. And then when they did begin to fit, there was a Weird Sporty Sheer/Solid Element to the clothes that only served to make things even trickier looking! Match that up with Cutouts and A Black on White Scribble print that looked like M.C. Escher was let loose Drunk with a Black Sharpie and you have something of a Debacle! Though sadly, Perhaps, the best looking outfit in the throng was in that print, Exit No. 12 a Simple and Clean Sheath Dress that Highlighted that print in a Cool Way!

From there... things only spiraled downward to the Wholly Disastrous looks that finished the show in Wild Mixed Media Mash-ups of Sheer Mesh and Solid Fabric that had a Disjointed Crazy Quilt feel to them that was at once seeming to be Sportif and Sexual and truly being neither. It simply came off as... Ungainly.

In the end... It was Little Ado About Absolutely Nothing. No Real Idea could be grasped or discerned from the collection. It Failed to raise any kind of Excitement and It felt Exceedingly Incoherent.

Ungainly, Incoherent, Disjointed.... not words one wants to Associate with Fashion, now does one, Chillrens.....????/

That's All.


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