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Thakoon And Custo Barcelona. (Two Short Reviews)

Sun. 09/08/2013.


What in the World is going on over at Thakoon? Thakoon Panichgul was one of the Major Asian Sensations that In the Early-Mid 2000's began a Steady and Most Gloriously Welcomed invasion of the NYFW Runways and gave us Luminaries like Jason Wu, Derek Lam, Philip Lim, Richard Chai, Prabal Gurung... Doo Ri Chung was a part of that and has subsequently Evaporated into the Ether.. but Thakoon Belonged in that Bunch... and was one of the best practitioners of the craft. But this? This was Just.... Unfortunate! Misjudged and Inelegant. It achieved something that only the Wizened Master Michael Kors Once referred to in an Episode of "Project Runway" that really one would have thought a designer could never achieve again... It was "Dowdy and Trampy all at the same time!" That put the finest, keenest edge on this collection!

From the start the collection just was Labored and Boxy and Weighted down with Poor Styling and Even Poorer Ideas. GOD THOSE HIDEOUS SHOES! They made the first exits look like the models were wearing Boiled Wool Boucle Thigh Highs in the most dull shade of Oatmeal! MONSTROUS! NOTHING worn with them was Given any kind of help and sadly the most Square-ish, Boxy, Schlumpy clothes seemed to surmount these ragamuffin Escarpins! HOLY HELL! Not to mention most of the looks were some Strange play on Boudoir Dressing that befitted the 90's vibe running round rampant but they came off as Awkward and Silly! And Then things Got Slutty! Lady Of the Night Slutty! Clothes that would only be affixed to the bodies of Streetwalkers somehow splashed down Amidst these Boudoir Trifles. A Lipstick Red Patent bra and Gray Patent skirt was the most Unlawful Offender! It LITERALLY Looked like a GIANT Pair of Hyper Glossed Siren Red Lipstick Coated Lips the size of Godzilla had place a Giant Red Lipstick Mark on the girls breasts! It was Disconcerting and in EXCEPTIONAL Bad taste! Things didn't really pick up from there much.

A Simple shift in Black on Jasmine Tookes at Exit No. 28 was nice. but we have seen it too many times before. Although 2 exits later at No. 30 the most UN-Sexy Slip dress ever was paraded out and was just truly sad!

In Conclusion, Chillrens... It was a Disaster. Honestly! There were some Sporty pieces near the end that had some merit, but the totally Misguided whole was Unsatisfying and Unattractive and Most definitely, not Stylish.

Custo Barcelona.

And on the Other hand we have Custo Dalmau who put on a perfectly acceptable and pretty collection. And that was about the Beginning and End Of It! If his intent was to parade one too many of the samey-samey looks down a runway and not give one Iota of Inspiration to all those gathered in the Audience... Job Well Done, Senor Dalmau! The collection even with all it's colour and texture was so Visually Similar that it bordered on the Anondyne! The Elongated procession of Caban over Sheer Shirt with Shorts, or Loose Jacket over Swimsuit, Sheer Shirt with Swim bottoms... seen too many times in too little exciting variations gave the collection a Deadly AND Deadening Dullness!

Yes, I admit, some of the prints were INCREDIBLY Pretty and Elaborate and Desirable. But A print alone cannot make A overly simple garment with little to no design to it sing unless you're purchasing it at the thrift shop! it just cannot happen! The collections excitement level barely registered more so than a blip on the meter and ultimately, the draining sameness of the outfits snuffed out whatever excitement may that may have been gleaned from it!

So the Moral to the Story is, Chillrens... Pretty alone ain't Interesting. Simple as that!

That's All.


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