Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zac Posen.

Sun. 09/08/2013.

Zac Posen.

Owing that I TRULY ADORE and Like Zac Posen and the man has never been one of the offenders of inequity of diversity on his runways... It's hard for me to review his At times Sublimely Pretty and Frothy Spring 2014 collection and have negative feelings towards it. To be Fair... I WANTED To Love It, I DID! I reviewed the show Half a Dozen times and I am still left with an all too unflattering take. Forgive Me, Zac and Know I DO Adore You!

Alrighty... THE FIRST Elephant in the room is the same thing i posited about Monique L'Huillier... If you base your business on Evening Wear Only, Like Marchesa, Elie Saab, Badgley Mischka, and Many others... It is is Impossible, FLAT OUT IMPOSSIBLE to have a well rounded Collection. It grows Rote Season after Season AFTER SEASON Parading Albeit Beautiful, but Saccharine Trifles with no substantive backbone to hold up such weighty fare... if it's all Fantasy and Feathers and Embroidery and Trains and OH My.... where's the relief? It just strains the eye and Creates an overwhelming effect of... Boredom. It is precisely when you have the Sporty Looks, the Suits, The Coats, the Dresses, The Separates, that when you finally do bring down the hammer with some Frothy Splashy Evening Attire THEN Does  it truly makes it's biggest impact!

Coco Looked as Vulpine and Lovely as ever in the Palest spring pink Opener which while complex in it's pleating and paneling it had an effortless, dreamy, fluffy, simplicity to it! The ONLY Drawback to all that pleating... it made the waistline look Wide. Which was the primary downfall of the collection. with all that Foundation building inside and under these Outfits they had the terrible effect of making even the most slender girls looks SUPER Wide in the waist section and since most of them also Cantilevered the Bosom up to ones Chin, The effect was even less slimming!

Let's Say this... Zac's Colour Sense was Dead Perfect this season.... Every Outfit was Swoon worthy for the Either Rich or Pastel  Sumptuous Colours involved.... Peach, Seafoam, Plum, Buttercup, Cinnabar, Mocha.... all too delicious!

Exit No.14 on Pauline Hoarau was a Strapless Masterpiece in Palest Citron Pleating... Just Glorious! However.... Exit No. 16...???? What Exactly were you trying to say with this Marchesa Dress that somehow found it's way into a Zac Posen Show? And not even A GOOD Marchesa! It was A Titanic Mess. Exit No. 20 though brought Bombshell Back into the Picture and That Pale Apricot just Scintillated against the models Smooth Cocoa Colouring!

From then On Out.... Things Vacillated between Gorgeous and Overwrought! Anna Cleveland in Exit No. 24 was one of those in the Dangerously Overwrought Category, Exit No. 28 fit into that Niche as well as it was Deliriously, Luridly OVER Designed... Should have stopped halfway through that one and it would have been a Winner! But then A Sylph in a Slip of Galliano-like Bias Magick in the Palest Possible Celery Green Satin Back Crepe at Exit No. 32.... DIVINE!

Ming Xi in the finale though.... THAT'S HOW OVERWROUGHT IS DONE OVER-"RIGHT" It was Tear Inducing it was so Masterful and Exceptional! The Pink Colour, The TITANIC Embroidered skirt... I could have Cried. I almost did! There were moments of such Magical Brilliance in this collection that it was so sad to see Lapses in Judgement that some of these gowns were... if half of them had been edited out and replaced by some Curvy Suits and Daywear Separate options the collection would have been a Grand Slam Home Run...

As it were, it was no more than RBI Double. It may have Got the Run In, Chillrens... But there were no Fireworks going off for the Out of the park Hit!

That's All.


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