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Sun. 09/08/2013.


What An Incredible Joy the DKNY Spring 2014 Collection was! A positive Joyfest in fact! I haven't had the Exuberant Frisson from a Collection since my earliest memories of Fashion shows back in the 90's! Donna culled influences from all over the last 25 years of the collection (WOW! 1988... My Ex was born in that year... #SadFace!) Mainly though she drew influence from those Heydays of the 90's when DKNY was a Powerhouse collection that rivaled her own Eponymous label!

The collection was all about the Mish-Mash, The fun got going with the opening look or Joan Smalls. Baseball Cap, Trench, Blazer and Overalls... It was a Wild Mix and worked with the Urgency and Fearless Style of a New Yorker! It looked Incredible, to be quite frank! After, we got more Mix! A White Shirtdress with a Dark Blazer,  An office ready Navy Pinstripe Dress and White shirt with a Blinding White Zip Anorak for those Urban city days when it's cool and rainy... There was SO SO Much great in this collection that to pick and choose is positively useless! I Adored the Blazers Emblazoned on the back like Varsity jackets with the Anniversary "25"

The collection spoke to Many of the ideas that have been born on the Donna Karan New York Runway and now have been reinterpreted in the more Downtown Spirit of DKNY... The Iconic Flowing Trench of Donna Karan... The Liquid Bias-Cut Jersey gowns and dresses.. The Scuba Looks... Neoprene... it all worked together in A Harmonious Whole that Breathed Exhilarating Life back into the DKNY Label. There was a Section in the middle of the show that just brought A Rush to my fashion Senses... from Exit No. 28 to Exit No. 32, The Sublime mixing of Colours was Effervescent and Executed Perfectly... Those crystalline Parachute Silk Dresses... SHOWSTOPPERS!

Also of note... if the trend Started with Alexander Wang of Eponym Indulgence... Donna nearly One-Upped Mr. Wang with her Splashy, Graphic, Spectator Looks that had her Famous Logo Orgiastically printed upon them! It was a Fashion Riot and Miraculously it worked! The whole Final Section of the show was a Paean to Black And White, Donna's Touchstone Colours. Chanel Iman's And Maud Welzen's Gowns would have been WHOLLY Sufficient to rock the roof off as closers... BUT NOOOOO.... Ms. Karan had to Slip the Amazonian Sylph that is Karlie Kloss into a Fire Starting Slip of Wildflower Orange That Sizzled as much as it Slinked!

That Rita Ora Ended the show was just a Fun, Silly, Convivial Anti-Climax... Those Long Lithe Beauties that are Chanel, Maud and Karlie OWNED the Finale as much as The Inimitable Ms. Smalls Owned the Opening. And Chillrens... That's How you Celebrate 25 Fruitful Years... With ONLY the Best. And Hunty,,, Those Girls Are THE BEST!

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