Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tracy Reese.

Sun. 09/08/2013.

Tracy Reese.

I Love Ms. Tracy Reese. As being one of the few People of Colour designing fashion in a Noticeable way she is A Long Standing Name with True Cred, Madame FLOTUS Herself has been seen kitted out in Ms. Reese's Wares a number of times. And I have to, As a person of Colour Myself, Support and Praise Tracy whenever and however I can.

But, Also... having a point of view and a critical eye, one cannot lavish praise blindly or where it isn't deserved and if I didn't care for a collection of hers. I'd be as Hard on her as any other designer including The Kaiser Himself!

So... How was the collection. It was Awfully Fun. Awfully Good. Awfully Wearable. But then again... that may perhaps be the sticking point of any or all of Ms. Reese's collection. A Homogeny that borders on the expected. Her collections are always Fun, and Pretty, and Wearable, and Good. Do they make the Pulse race, In Places, Yes. As a collective whole... Not so much! Were there some notably gorgeous Exits...??? SURE! The kinda plaintive refrain to be heard though was... I have seen this before. Tracy has established a Groove, One that has earned her Respect and Monetary Power to stay as independent as she has and still keep sales rolling in. No one is going to question her Formula is working. But it may be working TOO Good. And it may have reclined Ms. Reese into a Position of comfort and familiarity that is not always in the best interest of the clothes. Any Great Designer has to Push beyond the notes they feel most comfortable in and sing out in different keys (ARE YOU LISTENING RAF SIMONS!?!?!?)

Granting that, The collection was quite Sizzling with a Sexy Southern Feel that was more Bayou than Dixie! Ms. Tracy said that there was an Afro-Cuban bent to the collection which was easy to see... Mambo Queens Play Songs Of Love... but it was less frilly and elaborate as that connection may entail, all to it's benefit. Standouts.. A slip of a dress in White with Black windowpane that had a lace encrusted sheer overlay in black at Exit No. 10... A Sublime Ultramarine Blue and Hibiscus Orange Floral print Fit-And-Flare Dress for Exit No. 15... Another Fit-And-Flare Dress in a Blue on Pale Blue Tapestry Print that is BEGGING to be worn by Ms. Obama (She'd Look RAVISHING In It!) and one of the prettiest dresses so far of the season!

Ultimately... it was one of her Strongest and Best Collections to date. A Steady hand at Colour mixing and embellishment kept the Collection Vibrating to an Optimistic and Upbeat Pulse, While the Refreshing take on a Casual Glam Evening that ended the show was one of the more Photogenic Outfits from the house in some time... A White Lace Polo (Cropped) with a High Wasit Bi-Level Ruffle Fishtail Hem white Slink Skirt! Luxe, But Cool, Indeed!

In The End, Chillrens... I Love Tracy Reese. Always Will. But the Fashionista in me would like to see her push herself WELL out of her Strike Zone and maybe indulge in something, More Edgy... More Urban, Get a little Toughness in there and a Little more... Uptown as well... Her Formula works for her... and you can't really ask for more than that when she consistently produces Well Made, Flattering, Feminine looks. But Somehow.... I just can't help seeming to want to ask for Just Exactly That More......

That's All.


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