Thursday, October 17, 2013

Opening Ceremony.

Sun. 09/08/2013.

Opening Ceremony.

Sometimes Cool Presents itself in a different persona than we are usually comfortable with. Opening Ceremony came on with it's first Runway show like a House Afire. It was Fast and Furious meets the Fierce and Fashionable. If Carol Lim and Humberto Leon were looking to Give the NY season a Slap in the face Presentation wise... they succeeded beyond compare, if they were aiming for the same mark in the clothes... The attempt felt a tad bit lacking.

The Fearless Confidence of the show with their sure hand in the prints and print mixing was fresh, unexpected and inspiring in the best sense. Somehow... after the mixing of prints... the Mix felt a Little Haphazard and Shaky. Sure there were some outfits that distilled all those disparate elements down to a winning concoction but much of just came off a bit Disjointed.

In Exit No. 3 A Sensational Black leather Moto Jacket felt Just too perfect for words, But was bogged down with tricky printed cargo shorts that in it's attempt to mix Hip with Cool seemed to feel mostly Awkward.  The Short Kimono Sleeve Tunics at Exit Nos. 4-5 were Kinda Pieces that will cause CHAOS because of their innate desirability. They fell again, Flat.... ALMOST because of the skirts that were paired with them, The two tunics were so Sublimely Chic that the skirts felt unnecessarily Tricked Out. And in the end the wrong pieces to match to the Tunics!

An Effortless Scarlet Jumpsuit at Exit No. 9  had Must Have written all Up-And-Down It. Exit No. 11 was one of those Exits as well... Cool and Chic together in a totally modern iteration that still kept classic elegance in it's view! The show played on from there mostly getting it right and even when  getting it wrong it still skewed on the side of Exceptionally Fun and Fiercely Hip! There was something Tribal and Nomadic about the show, something that spoke to that Wanderlust in most of us and provided the Wardrobe for Urban Wandering in the most Chic Way!

For a first Show for the house that Just celebrated 10 years kitting out the Young and Fierce... It was one of the most memorable ever in regard to Spectacle, in regard to clothes it was a first show... A Tighter Edit and More Scalpel Like focus would do them both good, Like their work at Kenzo... but this is their baby and one cannot chide them for being Exuberant and Extrovert... You only Get one First show for a house and you might as well show what you like, How you like. Critics Be Damned, Chillrens!

That's All.


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