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Sat. 02/28/2015.

In a word... SUCCESS! Tomaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi finally recaptured that Deliciously Extravagant and Irreverent, slightly Unhinged spirit that used to suffuse their work and make it the Kooky, Quirky Fabulous stuff that it used to be. The Fall 2015 Aquilano.Rimondi show was pretty much Dazzling and Flawless from Front to Back. The polarity between Mannish Severeness and Whimsical Eccentricity was Exciting and Imaginative. It's been some while since Aquilano and Rimondi hit such a Perfect Sweet Spot.

The Clean, Spare, Architectural simplicity of most of the collection was thrown askew by not-so-subtle details like Grommets or Glinting Metal sequins, and if not embellishment giving the Spice needed to keep things from being Banal, then it was sheerness keeping things deliciously unsettled and a small bit salacious! Also, the Skewing of the proportions on Suits and Jackets, most cut well above the Navel, and many other items were belted even higher, creating a unique silhouette that was Fresh and Innovative and surprisingly youthful and imbued with a Modern Sophistication.

Aquilano and Rimondi employed a restrained palette of Black, Grey and Navy with touches of White to keep things austere and in that, made all those Glinting, Shining Metallic elements look all the more eccentric, especially in a Belted Coat made entirely from all those Metal Sequins was especially provocative! Finally, after many years of faltering, quixotic and flat out Befuddling collections, Not only have Aquilano and Rimondi gotten their groove back, they found themselves. They found that Offbeat, Strangely Eclectic, refined signature that has missing from their work, It was a Glorious Showing of Immense Talent and Skill and brought a Breathless sense of Joy to one's Heart! Fabuleux!

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