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Fri. 02/27/2015.


Fall 2015 was a Bonanza of Texture, Colour, Print and Adornment for the house of Etro. Veronica Etro took a "Controlled Maximalism" view to her collection for the family house that centered on Rich, Lavish Interior decor patterns and detailing. From Patchwork to Foulard Silks and Paisleys, Deco Prints, Tweedy Plaids and Pinstripes, Lush Materials and Baroque Abundance flowed seamlessly together to confluence into a Wildly eccentric whole!

Keeping her palette to Warm, Rich, Exotic Spicy colours helped transport the onlooker to a place Far Away, A Souk in Marrakesh, or some Spice Bazaar in Abu Dhabi... The intricacy was as abundant as the Variety, never did one look seem to replicate another. The wild abandon shown was not only Refreshing, but Uplifting and positive in it's complexity and unabashed indulgence. It may have had something of that 70's flavour accenting it, but it felt resolutely Moderne!

As visually busy as most of the clothes were and as much as they would need a Woman of much Daring to where them in the Tip-to-Toe permutations that Ms. Etro sent them down the catwalk in, broken down and individualized, Etro's bounty of Lavish pieces could translate into any closet and give a Luxurious boost to some staid basics of Ye Olde that are in need of airing out and more desperate need of Contemporizing.

In all, Veronica Etro and her Design team (which like the Missoni's consist of many Family members and siblings) has started to outpace her past and head straight into a new and Fashion Forward Future. Continuing to produce collections such as this will certainly keep them at the front lines of the Fashion Relevant.

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