Monday, January 4, 2016


Fri. 02/27/2015.

A Sleek, Streamlined, Sporty and Modern collection with just enough hints of Ghesquiere-era Balenciaga to make the Fashion press like it, the Fall 2015 Iceberg collection was Clean and Ready for wearing with little to distract from the clothes other than some Bold choices of Colour and some interesting materials. There were also some 3-D Flower adornments at the end, but they had nothing of the precious connotations usually associated with such decorous accentuations. 

Some Crinkly Nylon-ish Zipper coats stood out and played into the Aviator motif being wrangled by Iceberg designer Alexis Martial (in which this would be his last collection for the house, as he has taken residence at the House of Carven when it's seat was left Empty by Guillame Henry who moved onto Nina Ricci upon Peter Copping's Decampment to Oscar) Another Whip-Smart outfit was a Belted Pantsuit in what looked to be Denim with Zippered Leather Patch pockets... That one was Winning everything it attempted! 

In the end, It wasn't a lot to get highly excited about, but it was a Pleasing and Sharp Coda for Martial's Influential seasons at the house. He Single-Handedly revived the house and made it ready for some more new blood to infuse it with further freshness! If he can follow the same plan and take Carven to the Next Step, Martial will in no time be Camera Ready for his Close-Up, Mr. De Mille! 

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