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Fri. 02/27/2015.


Sometimes, We must mine the past to create a more Viable future, Keeping in mind that we cannot recreate the past, that we can only improve on it or rearrange it, so to speak. As the Fall 2015 Versace show came to a Raucous close, that bit of wisdom snapped firmly into focus as Donatella Versace's new collection scintillatingly proved that the Past can either Haunt and Stifle us, or, as the show envisaged, it can be a learning tool and Set us Free as we look forward into the light of what is Now! DV took old Iconic Gianni-isms and raided the Archives once more, (She seems to do her best work when she is re-envisioning the Colossal past of her near 20 years late brother) and come back with some of Gianni's late 80's-early 90's Crystallized embellishments spelling out the famous Surname and crafting some downright Raunchy, Sexy Evening pieces... As it should be at Casa Versace!

On the surface, and there was a WHOLE LOT of Surface, Donatella was nodding and winking and Nudge-Nudging to the Social Media world with her Emoticons, Emojis and "@" Sign deocrations, including a Whimsical take on the Versace "Medusa" symbol that now has become it's own Emoji. This was coupled with a Trotting out of the Greek Key motif so famed of the house and were dovetailed together A La her Spring '15 Atelier collection, where both of these motifs were showcased previously. Where it was more Va-Va-Va-Voom racy for Spring Atelier, Here it was more Sophisticated, and more Outlandish, especially in the case of a Eyeball twister of a Greek Key print in Black and White and Multicolours jumbled all together in Hedonistic Cacophony!

aside from these outliers, the collections main focus was Black or Top-to-Toe Primary Colour... Red and Yellow mostly, but some Day-Glo Green as well. Within this Blackness we were given Sharp Suiting with Neon Pinstripes of Colour, Swingy coats and a more than a Dollop of 60's Mod being brought to the party. It worked because it was so Self-Assured and Never wavered in it's commitment to Serving up Sharp Sleekness and Sexiness! But as aforementioned, It was those "VERSACE" Beaded pieces at the end that truly... Stole The Show!

They Hearkened back to when Gianni did the exact same thing on Gowns and Dresses he did in his 1989 Atelier collection, the lettering is even the same, but where Gianni's had a certain... AHEM... Classiness, Donatella's 2015 version is pure Sass! Short, Tight and Sparkly with a fair bit of Trashy! In saying all that, they also were Outrageously Joyous and Fantastic!

When Donatella tempers past glories with modern ones, Her One-Two punch is always a Knockout! She needs to stop trying to live beyond her brother's work and embrace it more, as those Greek Key prints and "VERSACE" Beaded letters proved, She is all too capable of not sinking into the Quicksand trap of Nostalgia and doing things Adamantly her way. The more she does this, she shall find, the stronger her own voice becomes!

That's All.


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