Thursday, January 28, 2016

Emilio Pucci.

Sat. 02/28/2015.

It was pretty much a Done Deal by the time of Fashion Presentation, that this was going to be Peter Dundas' final hurrah at the house of Emilio Pucci. As far as farewells go, it was pretty much Standard Operating Procedures for Dundas at the house. The collection didn't push the collection any further nor did it exactly regress. It was, as per usual, a Super Sexy, Bohemian tinged, Phantasmagoria of Chiffon, Velvet, Beads, Sequins, Scarves and Furs, all signatures of Dundas in his 7 years at the house. 

With a overarching theme of the Zodiac to provide difference for this season's collection, Dundas expounded on this idea in Giant Astrological sign motifs splashed across Sweaters and the finale parade of evening gowns. While reaching for the stars may have been Dundas' intent, the reality was far more gimmicky and unfortunately, Redundant, We've seen this all before from Dundas, and seen it done better. The Boho frippery and froth and drippy fringe are all stock and trade for the house. It may have been beautiful, however it was also Predictable, one would have liked to have seen Dundas, knowing this was his last collection, improve upon his signature ideas rather than a rote recycling of all his greatest hits with some Zodiac signs and splashed across them.

While saying all this, there were moments of Dazzling Beauty, an asymmetric Chiffon dress in a Deep shade of Blood Red on Joan Smalls was Outstanding, Also, a Combo in Scarlet Chiffon and Russet Velvet on Iris Strubegger was Chic, Simple and Luxurious all at once. The rest, Glam... Check! Sexy... Check! Something we've not seen before... we'll just let that one linger in the ether for now! 

That's All.


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