Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bottega Veneta.

Sat. 02/28/2015.

It was a curious Bottega Veneta collection for Fall 2015. Architectural lines and Graphic Dots and Grid Plaids gave a Modernistic edge to the collection that was juxtaposed against a Louche easiness which gave a rather meandering scope to the collection. Tomas Maier seemed to be strolling from Decade to Decade, plucking ideas from each and creating a magpie effect. While it created a rather esoteric effect, the overall impression was one of Aimlessness. The clothes at times were Fierce and Masterful upon occasion, but ultimately felt a trifle unfocused... Sharp SQUARED Shoulders and Solid blocks of colour worked at odds against Graphic Dots... 60's Mod jackets and Capes stood against 70's-style secretary Ascot neck blouses paired with Lacy Sweater Vests.

The biggest deficiency of the collection were those Dots, where as Maier wanted the look to be Resolute, it looked overdone to the extreme. In small doses or deconstructed into separate pieces, they would work as bold pieces integrated into a woman's wardrobe, but stacked monothematically as they were, it just looked somewhat comical, and not in a funny way. Where Maier did score was when he Pared back and focused on Cut and Shape... a Tunic in Lime and Mallard Green with an angular track of Gold piping over Caramel coloured slacks hit one of the highest points, A Black Pantsuit on Anna Cleveland was a Genius work of Purity and Chic. 

Even with the hiccups and optical overload, Maier put forth a collection full of his, as usual, Brilliant pieces and Artistic Vivre. It was not the easiest collection to digest, But it certainly pushed the bounds of the Bottega Veneta language and that is always a good thing. The effort didn't pay off the richest of dividends, but trying something new is never a bad thing. The Result may not have been Sterling, but the Exercise alone was worthwhile in the utmost. 

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