Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Acne Studios.

Sat, 03/07/2015.

Jonny Johansson's Fall 2015 collection for Acne Studios while, Wholly Eclectic, did not prove to be Totally convincing. There were stumbles and missed opportunities galore, saying that although, there were many moments in the brief and highly stylized collection that gave witness to highly wearable and desirable pieces. The Outerwear was the biggest plus of the collection, Multiple coats and jackets were the standout pieces in this mishmash. Johansson also showed a propensity for Patchwork and Nubby tweeds which offered a slightly Off-kilter, Vagabond nature to the collection. Laces that wound themselves like Cording up and down some of the pieces added a Whimsical, Artisanal touch that elevated much of what they were found upon.

Pieces of consideration came in the form of a Pink Double-Breasted elliptical shaped coat with dropped sleeves, or a Molded Baby Blue Coat/Jacket and Skirt that with it's Zaftig shape, was made edgy and directional. The Piece de Resistance was a Maize Tweed dress with those laces wound through it, It was Chic, Stylish, and Refined yet modern enough to not look too ladylike! The Leather Pantsuit in Black with elliptical sleeves and giant Natural colour Patch Pockets was a Surefire Winner as well! 

On the whole, Johansson put on a very Fashion Forward and Exciting collection, one that took risks and didn't always deliver a reward on the dividends, but certainly had no lack of interesting fashion. Interesting trumps Boring each time, and No where was this Acne Studios collection in any regard, Boring. 

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