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Sun. 03/08/2015.

Surprise of surprises, I found myself truly captivated by Phoebe Philo's Fall 2015 Celine collection. Philo has been one of the most over-hyped and overly lauded designers in the past few years, Celine has some kind of Cult following that has dominated Top 10 lists and Designer must have labels for many a year now with now discernible reason as to why! The clothes (and Philo's Snow White, Ethnically bleached shows that displayed them) were incomprehensibly deified, and in reality were quite spectacularly and singularly unappealing. 

This collection had shades of those same mistakes (HIDEOUS Padded coats with Snap-On/Off sleeves, Pointy Knit Breastplate sweaters, and those Disturbing Jumpsuits... UGH!) but the overall effect of the rest of the collection was one of innovative individuality and eccentricity. From Tattered to Layered to Streamers and Feathers, there was something for everyone, all touched with a Quirky hand, These ideas were expressed in more free silhouettes as well as in streamlined looks that were as classical as anything seen this season. 

Standouts... A Gorgeous Creme Patissiere Leather Trench trimmed in thick bands of Fur, a Navy Pajama set paired with a Canvas coloured Redingote, or the Sleek, Pure lines of Lineisy Montero's Wool Car Coat... All masterful in their execution. Many Fashion writers want to delve into the deeper depths of meaning with Philo's show, and I am fully sure there is a Dissertation worthy back story to be had here, But in the end, it doesn't matter! The clothes have plenty to say, even when they are speaking quietly, And for me, that's much more than Story enough to satisfy! 

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